Odile Jacob publie

European Crew

The Next Renaissance Date de parution : 27 avril 2022

We are a European crew made of artists, academics, entrepreneurs! More than 60 European contributors, from all generations and from 15 countries, came together to give reasons for action and build a common place for culture, creativity, and innovation in Europe.

In these times of multiplicities of changes—despite or because—a novel type of change is taking shape. It is a transition that empowers a real movement, leaving behind hustling from one state to another: thinking more slowly, more deeply, more from a 360° perspective, and more caring beyond quick fixes. It is a compelling story mixing art, tech, and innovation. Together it is all transformative.

This book presents makers and thinkers from the Cultural Creative Sectors and Industries driving this novel shift towards better systems in technologies and organizations, in cities and businesses and the public realm: that is what we call “The Next Renaissance.”